Observation: Obama does not want to be the leader of the free world.

Observation:  Obama does not want to be the leader of the free world. 

And,  this really is not a debatable point.  When he partners with Iran, Russia, the socialists in Honduras and Venezuela, kisses the hands of the repressive Muslim Brotherhood, invites CAIR into his circle of alliances,  chooses Al Sharpton as his chief adviser in matters of "police brutality,"  gives blanket pardons to more than 6,000 inmates,   ignores those begging for help,  in Iran,  back in the days of the Green Revolution,  works to subvert the governments of Israel and Egypt,  promises more flexibility with Russia,  pretends that he has no moral responsibility to the Christian populations of Africa and the Middle East as they face a war of genocide, works against Christianity on the home front,  seeks to redefine "free speech" as critical only as it reflects "correct speech" as defined by him and his Marxist/Progressive hordes,  works to use U.N. treaty to subvert American Sovereignty,  and encourages every domestic organization seeking chaos as a process to social transformation   . . . . . .    well,  you have an insurmountable argument favoring the reality of our headlined conclusion. 

Those who would continue his policies are equally complicit.  As a consequence,  we have the grave import of the 2016.  It is not the GOP that will pay the price,  should we fail to take back the White House,  it is the nation,  as a whole.  

It is not the hard Right who have brought us to brink.  Rather,  it is the persistence of the Marxists living amongst us since the end WW II.  We (the non-Marxist population) have been compromising with the Marxist Left for 55 years, and,  have compromised to the point that we can no longer compromise on the fundamentals  . . . . .   and we simply cannot and must not compromise on the fundamentals.   

I do not believe that Marxism should be allowed a platform in our society,  any longer.    Those who do not support our foundational history,  warts and all, must be opposed   . . . . .    after all,  they have proven themselves to be enemies of a free society.  That is the case in all nations of the world where they play a central role.  It is no difference here.  Time for them to leave or be aggressively resisted.