Tom Tancredo has quit the GOP. Here is my responce to that bit of silliness:

Addressed to Breitbart's comment line  (they hate me over there): 

Easy to hate the only serious political vehicle (the GOP) we have to advance conservatism for the national good. All this talk about "establishment" and the fantasy (often) of "amnesty" and, now, Tancredo bemoaning the downward spiral of the Grand Old Party . . . . all of it nothing but worthless chatter in view of fact that the GOP has no viable alternative. Does it need revival? Hell yes. But let's stop pretending we have a choice. And WE ARE CHANGING the party. Tancredo is entirely too late in his desertion. Not much difference between his decision and sheer stupidity.

I remind you all that we had record midterm victories when the Left was busy attending our Party's funeral. Even in the 2012 win for Obama, he took in 3.5 million fewer votes than in 2008 and Romney got a million more votes than McCain. Going back, GW,  in spite of the hatred leveled against him, won re-election with a whopping 12 million more votes than in his first election !!

We have been moving to the Right, as a nation, for some time, now. So, instead of pretending a Mormon would be worse than a hater of the American way, I say stop with the rhetorical crap, stop whining about someone being a Mormon or an "establishment," and vote to win the damn election. Fight now. Great. But many of you will not stop with the fight after the primary season . . . . . . traitors all to the cause for the greater good.

Tancredo's article can be found here).