Here they go again: preaching fear and lies in order to snatch another election from the jaws of defeat.

Juan Williams / The Hill:   GOP hurts itself with Medicare attacks

Editor's  notes:  The Left loves to advise and warn the GOP when it comes to election time.  This article,  written by a very gracious liberal,  Juan Williams (whose sons are Republicans,  btw),  paints with a broad brush,  when he talks about the larger Grand Old Party.  Does Medicare need reform?  Well,  it is close to 50 trillion in the hole.  Understand that an accepted total for all governments in the world,  all 220 of them,  is around 70 trillion dollars,  combined.  And,  again,  Medicare alone,  nearly equals this total.  

To argue that this program is not broken as Governor Kasich and all the Dems seem to believe,  is as bizarre as is the claim that the American economy is booming and a 2.0 GDP means nothing.  

Back to Juan Williams.  Understand that he is trying to paint all GOP candidates as being in lock-step on the issue of Medicare reform.  While most see the need for critical reform,  not all have the aggressive plans for reform.  But,  what Williams fails to see,  is the fact that most Millennials and the older Gen X generation,  believe that reform is critical.  While the Dems preach "fear" as relates to Medicare reform,  works for them,  it is a false narrative.  No one  . . . .   absolutely no Republican candidate  . . . .   is talking about taking Medicare away from senior citizens, or,  anyone for that matter,  who is on Medicare and wants to continue the program as is.  When you hear or read otherwise,  you are reading a Democrat lie,  plain and simple.  

Time for the end of lies and the beginning of serious reform.  
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