Now Gay Libs are fighting to allow a pre-opt tranny with a 7 inch crotch attachment, to use the female bathrooms. Houston voters said "no." Mayor cries.

<<<<     Houston’s lesbian mayor Annise Parker has lost her mind after the voters of her city resoundingly rejecting a bill that would have allowed men who dress as women to use women’s restroom and locker room facilities. 
In response to the vote, supporters of the bill have, of course, vowed to continue fighting, which for liberals generally means finding one activist judge to overturn the democratic vote of the majority.
Those supporters include the city’s mayor, who went as far as insulting her constituents by calling them transphobes and then blocking their accounts when they fought back, which once again showed the maturity that is to be expected by extreme left wingers who don’t get their way.

Source for above text:  BPR