27 states are refusing to allow Syian refugee placement. Good idea ???

States are rebelling against the Obama Regime.  Understand that Obama began his Administration,  back in 2009,  by separating himself from the conservative half of the nation,  including congressional leaders and state governors.  He is our most partisan president in more than 100 years.  State governors do not believe the Syrian refugee population coming to America,  will be fully vetted by the Islamic Sympathizer occupying our White House.   And with good reason.  Understand that since his ascension to the throne,  420 Americans have been killed or wounded via terror attacks that we know about, with more than 50 successful prosecutions,  250 active known terrorists within our borders,  and another 1000 suspected jihadi's on a watch list.  AND,  Obama has taken down our interrogation capabilities.   

So,  "no," most Americans no longer believe that Obama has a handle on this terror threat.