Biden still undecided . . . . . and no one really cares.

Ryan Lizza / New Yorker:
A New Clue Suggests Biden May Run  —  Joe Biden has taken another step toward entering the Presidential race.  —  Representatives of the Vice-President held a meeting this week with Democratic National Committee staffers.  They briefed Biden's aides on arcane but crucial rules … 
Editor's notes:  Biden has been one of the most irrelevant VP's in our history.  How could he be anything else.  I mean,  his President is a control freak,  and, a man who wants all the acclaim due his office.  Biden has no choice but to be a "yes" man.  Why do you think Obama chose him as a running mate.  
Nothing has changed.   And now you know why you do not see commentary regarding Biden.    Democrats can only win with Hillary,  and that dream is fading fast.  

Update:  I know I have made this point before but,  during the time Obama and Hillary were splitting 36 million primary votes right down the middle (18 million for each of the two) ,  Joe was taking in 68,000 votes.  Now,  you will argue that much has changed over the years.  Here is the point:  Obama chose Biden THEN,  at a time when Joe was a irrelevant a politician as one can be.  He did not pick Biden because he liked the white man.  Nope.  Rather,  Obama picked Biden precisely because he was Joe Biden.