14 weeks before the midterms, and the gap between ACA approval and disapproval is at its greatest separation.

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Exceptionally strong reader interest.
A study of the chart,  below,  reveals the following:  Approval for ObamaCare has been at 50% only once,  since the beginning of 2010,  four and half years ago,  and that was in the time immediately following its signing on March 23, 2010.  You are looking at the historicity of a law that was brought into existence using every possible lie and moment of misinformation.  Clearly,  Democrat promises have nothing,  absolutely nothing,  to do with the end result of their legislation.  Politicians lie,  yes  -  but we have never seen such a thorough-going commitment to deceit in our history.  

Beginning with the first of 2013,  what was a rather volatile situation as to public opinion regarding ObamaCare,  turned into something very consistent. No more "maybe yes,  maybe no" survey results.   Beginning a year and a half ago,  public opinion has become very consistent in its opposition to ObamaCare.  And,  of late,  the negative trend line has taken a sharp turn upward.  The separation between "approve" and "disapprove" is now,  16%,  the largest separation to date,  just 14 weeks before the mid-term elections.  

I have said,  from the beginning,  that this bill would prove to be a millstone tied to the collective neck of the Progressive Party.  It is one thing to lie about your legislation,  it is quite something else to base passage of legislation on NOTHING but lies.  

Pelosi's Congress did not want GOP participation,  back in 2009.  Thankfully,  the Patriot Nation kept moderate Republicans from trying to fix this piece of Secretion,  and,  today,  the GOP stands to gain from its [forced] unanimous opposition.  
What might be missed in this summary,  is my thinking that Obama's continued immaturity as a presidential figure, is,  somehow,  rolled into the mix.  I am saying that the ACA is being judged in the negative,  not solely on its own merits,  but [also] because of the disappointment this nation feels,  as it continues to watch the Circus that is Obama's administration of his presidency.   

After remaining steady for several months, the share of the public expressing an unfavorable view of the health care law rose to 53 percent in July, up eight percentage points since last month’s poll. This increase was offset by a decrease in the share who declined to offer an opinion on the law (11 percent, down from 16 percent in June), while the share who view the law favorably held fairly steady at 37 percent, similar to where it’s been since March.1 Republicans continue to be the group with the strongest opposition to the law, but the increase in the share with an unfavorable view between June and July was similar across the political spectrum and different demographic groups. [Read the full report at this Kaiser site, here.]

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