Monday's debate witll break this record:

The 1980 debate between Carter and Reagan,  the only debate between the two men,  was viewed by 80 million folks.  Experts believe Monday night's debate will be seen by 100 million with 10 million folks (that's 10%) looking to be persuaded and willing to change their minds.  

We all know what Trump cannot do.  But Hillary?  What is her vulnerability?  How she presents herself.  Hillary simply is not an "inspirational speaker."  So,  what is her default mode?  One of seriousness and deeply felt concern.  Problem:  every point she makes sounds as though she is talking about the end of the world.  Her second major problem is her willingness to lie or hide from the truth.  It is pathological  (illness related).  A third issue is found in the fact that so many of us are sick and tired of dealing with the woman.  If none of these issues are amended,  she is going to have a difficult time come election day in November.  

Why Colin Kaepernick means nothing to the problems he protests and the solutions that must follow.

In making his protest,  Kaepernick has aligned himself with those symbols that represent a certain hatred for the United States and its white population.  

1.  Raised black fists is a symbol of hatred for the nation and the perception that it was built around the slave trade and continues to be an oppressive/racist.

2.  Black Lives Matters is a dynamic and approved partner of the Kaepernick movement .  When you understand that BLM is more of a white-hate organization, today,  than it was in its Furgeson beginnings, you understand why Kaepernick's protest cannot produce real solutions.  As an example,  we have the riots in Charlotte.  Such has devolved into a white-hating disaster, despite the fact that a black cop was the shooter.  
You should know that the Angry Black Movement wants the abolition of our local police forces,  and an open door policy when it comes to the imprisonment of the non-violent black criminal population.  

3,4,5.   Partners such as Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan, committed raciests all,  is a collective that works against broad-based support, as well.   

Argue the point, if you will,  but three months from now,  it will be clear:  Kaepernick will be only a memory and the problems he protests will continue to be issues with which we must deal.

Here is what Hillary is not telling you about "deaths by gun fire."

Terrorism is part of it, but gun violence kills 33,000 Americans a year. … We’ve got to get serious about stemming violence and terrorism in every way we can  ~  Hillary. 

Turns out that 19,392 folks committed suicide.  Accidental deaths and gangland homicides account for another 11,000. 
Mass shootings (4 four or more deaths in a single event), domestic murder (often two or three murder victims),  death by cop and other causes,  account for the remaining 2400 deaths.  In other words,  solve the inner city gang problem and suicide by gun fire,  and we have 2,400 problematic events  . . . . .   not 33,000.  

Rally attendance translates into an enthusiasm marker. Guess who is winning that war?

This week is an abbreviated week of campaigning due to the coming debate on Monday.  Trump spoke to 26,000 folks inside his venues,  another 20,000 standing outside, while Hillary to spoke to 200 folks in a single rally.  Clearly,  the Right is energized while the Alt-Left is staying home. 

Take away 30% of the Millennial vote, 24% of the Black vote; 70% of the blue collar vote, poor turn-out and now, this, and you have a path to defeating Hillary.

The Hill is telling us this: 
Congressional Hispanic Democrats are questioning the party's approach to campaigning in Latino communities, as Republicans led by Donald Trump exceed expectations with the demographic.
The poor results reveal a rift between the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) and Democratic Party leadership over how to approach Latino voters.  Although Trump has alienated many Latino voters with his strong rhetoric on immigration and comments about Hispanics, his performance in polls has been roughly on par with 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney. A recent Bloomberg Politics average of polls found Hillary Clinton leads Trump by 38 points among Hispanics. Obama beat Romney by 44.

Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-Calif.) chairman of the CHC's fundraising arm, Bold PAC, said many of the consultants hired by party leadership fail to fully understand the cultural nuances of the communities they're trying to approach.

Mark Cuban will be seated on front row of debate to intimidate Trump. Here is Trumps' response.

Mark Cuban will be seated on front row of debate to intimidate Trump.  Here is Trumps' response.

Trump Threatens to Seat Former Bill Clinton Mistress in Front Row at Debate

*UPDATE: She Accepts!

 I think he should seat all of Bill's women on front row.

Trump plans to finish ad campaign in a flurry, out-pacing Hillary's prejected ad buy.

Trump campaign plans $140 million ad buy that would outpace Clinton's ad reservations through Election Day

He will spend $100 mill on air-time ads,  and 40 mil on digital.  To date,  Trump's campaign has spent just $22 million for the same type ads versus Hillary's $125 million.  

The campaign will target 13 states.  The RNC will target the larger national audience.

Understand that Trump is in a virtual tie with Clinton despite the ad-buy disparity.  If a strong ad campaign makes a difference,  we should expect Trump's numbers to markedly improve. 

You already know that Cruz caved and endorsed Trump Here is what you may not know:

You already know that Cruz caved and endorsed Trump  Here is what you may not know:  he had no future in GOP presidential politics without this endorsement,  and,  was facing defeat in his 2016 senatorial campaign.  Apparently,  his biggest fan,  Glenn "Everybody is a Progressive" Beck,  didn't get the memo.   Beck will not go away,  but he has been effectively marginalized  . . . . . . . . forever.   So much for the politics of personal principles.  Hail the politic of saving the nation. 

Anyone see the contradiction in this headline? Apparently the Marxist Left doesn't.

The Mystery of Trump’s Man in Moscow

Reports of deep Russian ties swirl around Trump advisor Carter Page. Oddly, nobody in Russia seems to have heard of him.

How is it that "reports are swirling" when no one in Russia knows anything about the "reports?"   ~  editor.

Here is the video/audio of the Scott shooting. Upsetting to say the least, but, still, a couple of serious questions. See what you think.

I have more questions now that I have watched this video.  "Drop the gun" is a command given several times.  Why the command if there was no gun?  And what does the wife mean when she says,  "Keith,  don't do it" and makes that plea with a very certain sense of urgency.  

But,  before the cops surrounded Keith Scott,  what caused them to become so aggressive?  It does not appear to me that they could have seen a gun in the first minutes or seconds of this event.  

Clearly an investigation is in demand.  Let's all take a wait and see stance on this matter. 

Hillary wants to raise Estate Taxes from 40% to 65% But why? Seriously, what is she doing?

Hillary wants to raise Estate Taxes from 40% to 65%,  but why?  Seriously,  what is she doing?  Understand that this top rate applies to only 253 American taxpayers.  How so, you ask?  Because there are only 253 families that have estates worth more than 500 million dollars.  So, again,  I ask,  "Why is she making a proposal that has virtually zero impact on our debt or the national economy.?"  

Could it be that this is a shameless effort on the part of Hillary,  to cater to her anti-rich constituency (the Millennials),  while being seen as an implicit/stealth friend of the filthy rich? 

Keep in mind that, in real life,  she is at the epee-center of big money politics and a friend of the high dollar investor/donor class  (emphasis on "donor"). I mean,  you do not go from zero to 135 million dollars of net worth by being a member of the common class.  

How prepared should Trump be in the face of the coming debate?

What most do not know is this:  It is accepted knowledge that Reagan lost his first debate in 1984 [versus Mondale] because of "too many facts" and over preparation.     In subsequent debates,  he was much more personable and, as a result,  walked away with the debate aspect of the election cycle. 

Trump narrows his list of prospective Supreme Court justices . . . . . . and it is a good.

Senator Mike Lee (who has not yet endorsed Trump),  Neil Gorsuch, a judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit; Margaret A. Ryan, a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces; Edward Mansfield, an Iowa Supreme Court justice; Keith Blackwell, a Georgia Supreme Court justice; Charles Canady, a Florida Supreme Court justice; Timothy Tymkovich, the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit; Amul Thapar, a U.S. District Court judge for the Eastern District of Kentucky; Federico Moreno, a U.S. District Court judge for the Southern District of Florida; and Robert Young, the chief justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.

You should know that Trump’s decision earned praise from Judicial Crisis Network Director Carrie Severino, who clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas.

Hillary is losing the social media wars big time. Here are the numbers:

FoxNews gives us these numbers:  

Twitter:  11.7 million followers compared to 8.9 million, Trump versus Hillary. 
Facebook:  10.7 million followers for Trump  versus a paltry 6.6 million for Hillary.

Me?  I think this gives us more reason to believe that Hillary is in big big trouble with Millennials.More than this,  the Trump [adult] children reach 30 million folks on social media,  most are Millennials  . . . .   a huge advantage for the trump campaign.  

13 reasons why this election cycle might go the way of Donald Trump

Washington Post:  Nobody knows for certain who will win on Nov. 8 — but one man is pretty sure: Professor Allan Lichtman, who has correctly predicted every presidential election since 1984.
When we sat down in May, he explained how he comes to a decision. Lichtman's prediction isn't based on horse-race polls, shifting demographics or his own political opinions. Rather, he uses a system of true/false statements he calls the "Keys to the White House" to determine his predicted winner.
And this year, he says, Donald Trump is the favorite to win.
The keys, which are explained in depth in Lichtman’s book “Predicting the Next President: The Keys to the White House 2016” are:

  1. Party Mandate: After the midterm elections, the incumbent party holds more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives than after the previous midterm elections.
  2. Contest: There is no serious contest for the incumbent party nomination.
  3. Incumbency: The incumbent party candidate is the sitting president.
  4. Third party: There is no significant third party or independent campaign.
  5. Short-term economy: The economy is not in recession during the election campaign.
  6. Long-term economy: Real per capita economic growth during the term equals or exceeds mean growth during the previous two terms.
  7. Policy change: The incumbent  . . . .   

Here is why Officer Shelby should be acquitted and reinstated:

CNN:10 minutes ago
Tulsa officer Betty Shelby booked, released on bond  —   Shelby has been charged with first degree manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.  If convicted,  she could spend four years in prison.  Regardless,  her career as a police officer is over.  My prediction: she will not be convicted.  Understand that Shelby surely had her reasons for shooting Terence Crutcher,  Most juries understand the pressure our cops work under.  Her defense?  It has already been hinted at   . . . . .  that she thought Crutcher was beginning to reach into his SUV.  The window was open.  We all know that cops function at the "tip of the spear."  There is no life for many if they guess poorly as to a suspects intentions.  We should never put them in a legal situation in which we demand that they sacrifice their lives for the sake of a suspect's life.  There is testimony that Crutcher was ignoring police commands to stop walking.  Combine that reality (if true) with the fear of what he might do next,  and, you have reason enough,  in my opinion,  for acquittal AND reinstatement. 

When haters take to the streets to complain about their perception of the world, they forfiet their right, in practical terms, to be taken seriously.

Colin Campbell / Raleigh News & Observer: Charlotte protesters ‘hate white people,’ NC Congressman Robert Pittenger says

Editor's note:  Whether literally true or not,  this is the question the alt-left has to deal with.  And this perception (see the headline) is working against the Dems in this election cycle.  Understand that these "demonstrations" are viewed as nothing more than opportunities to party and loot,  by the nation's on-lookers.  We all know that looters never represent the majority of those in the "demonstration."  But,  most viewers, also, see looters as those who dominate the news cycle and commanderie the purpose(s) of the demonstration.  The take-away perception for most angry black street gatherings is this:  they are nothing more than opportunities for mayhem.  I am not convinced that the demonstrators understand just how devastating this perception is to what they (the demonstrators) are trying to protest.  In the end,  we tacitly know that angry black demonstrations accomplish next to nothing,  whether they occur on the streets,  or on the sidelines of our football games.  Unless and until the black community begins to effectively deal with the issues affecting them,  we will see no more change than witnessed over the past four decades.  
Related article:  Rioting May Tip Presidential Scales in Crucial North Carolina 

A Mexican politician who is no fan of Trump agrees that Mexico could easily be forced to pay for the wall. Next issue.

Weekly StandardJorge Castañeda, who served as Mexico’s secretary of foreign affairs from 2000 to 2003, and who is currently a professor at New York University, appeared at the Hudson Institute in Washington on Wednesday . . . . . 
Castañeda is certainly no fan of Donald Trump—he said that the property magnate’s ascension to the U.S. presidency would be a “tragedy.” Yet he also said that Donald Trump could quite easily “make Mexico pay” for a border wall—a claim that has been widely ridiculed by our betters in the media.

Editor's note:  When the folks who believe that a man can simply say he is a woman,  and,  presto, he really? is a woman, argue for one catastrophic end to mankind after another,  all without serious proof, when those same people laugh at the claim that Mexico will pay for the wall, well, mental illness can be the only prognosis  . . . . .  that is, if they are being honest in their arguments and claims.   So it comes down to this: is the Marxist cabal sick or dishonest, and,  most importantly,  what difference does it really make,  politically? 

At any rate,  the take-away, here,  is this:  opposition politicians understand that the continuing generosity of the United States to Mexico, presents a certain path to the realization of the Trump promise that "Mexico will pay for the wall,  believe me."   

I told you so.

DHS “Accidentally” Grants Citizenship To 858 Immigrants From Countries That Present National Security Threat – UPDATE: Actual Number More Than 1,800


  When this news first broke,  I suggested that the actual number would be much much more.  Don't be surprised to see this number expanded to 5,000 and more. 
And if you believe this was a mistake,  you do not understand the creativity of the Word Smiths currently in power.  Two or three times a week,  we are told a monstrous lie.  Be nice when this bunch is sent packing  ~  editor.

Did I tell you that Lester Holt, the NBC host for the first debate is . . . . .

. . . .   a Republican.  Maybe that is why Trump has backed off his concern that this debate will be unfair.

Why didn't the media, including Fox News, report this fact about that poll showing Clinton up by six points?

MORE MEDIA LIES=> NBC-WSJ Poll with Hillary Up 6 Points Is Weighted with 14% more Democrat Voters!

Why is this important? Because she claims she did not receive any specific training. Anyone believe that ???

BREAKING: Judge Orders Release of Clinton Security Training Docs To Begin In Five Days

A frustrated federal judge ordered the State Department to begin producing within five days hundreds of documents on whether required or recommended security training, briefings or courses were completed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aides.

Say what you will about our cops. The fact remains that this is not a national problem with national solutions.

Clinton: Police shootings need ‘to become intolerable’

“It’s unbearable, and it needs to become intolerable."

 Say what you will about our cops.  The fact remains that this is not a national problem with national solutions. It's local and effect almost no one   . . . . .   and I am talking about police brutality.  Comments to the contrary are blatant lies told by folks working for a particular agenda.  

Think about this: As of 2013, the United States has 3,007 counties and 19,354 "incorporated places" in the United States. Bet you can't name 15 cities where police brutality is an issue.  

Finally,  if the solution is to make cop shootings "intolerable,"  we are looking at the end of police authority on the streets.  Cops cannot second guess their decision to use a gun or, more often than not,  they will be dead.  

Best solution?  Do what the cops tell you to do and file a complaint with the newspapers or the police chief or whoever after the fact.  Cops work at the tip of the spear.  They get to tell you what you can and cannot do.  Disagree?  Then don't come running to me with your injuries.  Just do what the man says, and work to solve the problems afterwards.  Any other approach leads to anarchy   . . . .   a favorite solution of Barack's.

Louis Farrakhan goes after Barack Obama for his legacy of having done nothing for the American black man. Comments just in time for the election.

From the Blaze:   Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan tore into President Barack Obama over the weekend, saying the outgoing commander in chief has favored Israel and the gay community while sidelining African-Americans.
The controversial minister criticized Obama during a sermon Sunday. Farrakhan said the president’s legacy is not with the Affordable Care Act, but is instead “in the street with your suffering people,” describing the crime-ridden culture in Chicago, Obama’s hometown.  

“If you can’t go and see about them [talking about Obama's black constituency], then don’t worry about your legacy,” Farrakhan charged. “‘Cause the white people that you served so well — they’ll preserve your legacy  . . . the hell they well.” 

Related update:
From Brietbart:  Louis Farrakhan said to President Barack Obama, “Your people are suffering and dying in the streets,” of Chicago, so “you failed to do what should have been done.”

Last month, Trump had a 3% chance of winning this election. Today, according to one of the premier national polling agencies, Trump now has a 48% chance of winning the electioin. polling

The Examiner reported:
The latest vote projection from elections guru Nate Silver has Republican Donald Trump just six electoral votes short of winning and one point away from equaling Hillary Clinton’s popular vote.
The newest Five Thirty Eight survey Trump at 264 and Clinton at 272, two more than needed. It’s the closest in recent weeks.
What’s more, he has the popular vote within the margin of victory, Clinton 45.4 percent to Trump’s 44.3 percent.

A glace at Hillary, yesterday, on her plane, tells us the woman is exhausted, again.

Can you imagine, Mama Hillary actually thinks she has the moral authority to speak to us white folks and correct our evil ways?!

(From Brietbart News):  Hillary Clinton vows she’ll tackle the racism in the nation’s law enforcement system.
We gotta tackle the systemic racism, this horrible shooting again, how many times do we have to see this in our country?” she said in an appearance on the Steve Harvey show. Clinton was specifically referring to the police shooting of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, saying he had his “hands in the air” when he was killed.
“This is unbearable and it needs to be intolerable,” she said.
Clinton told Harvey that if the African-American community came out and voted for her, she would work to stop racial shootings by police officers.
“Maybe I can by speaking directly to white people say, ‘Look this is not who we are,’” she said. “We’ve got to do everything possible to improve policing, to go right at implicit bias.

Editor's notes:  For starters,  the shooting of Terence Crutcher just happened yesterday.  Hillary knows absolutely nothing as to the circumstances of his killing.  So, what does she do?  She decides to take the easy way out and ASSUME the shooting is the result of racism.  More than this,  she ASSUMES she has the moral authority to change the thinking of white folks,  as if "whitie" is the problem.   finally,  she ASSUMES that I am more biased than she,  a white woman.  

The actual take away,  here,  is her racist bias against the white community and her willingness to throw our cops under the bus.  Police officers have been injured and some may die because,  in part, of her thoughtlessness.  Indeed,  she is unqualified to be the president of this once great nation. 

As you read the following words from Obama, understand that he is not opposed to border walls, he wants no borders at all !!

<<<  Obama is not a representative of the people.  Rather,  he is a member,  even a leader,  of the autocratic,  borderless world-wide community and he is not going away,  after the election.  

President Barack used his last address to the United Nations to bat down the kind of 'crude populism' he's accused Donald Trump of adopting.
'Today a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself,' Obama said before the UN's General Assembly.
Obama warned that "alternative visions of the world' will succeed if heads of state don't force a 'course correction' from the current path of globalization."

Never forget that globalism is an authoritarian doctrine of the world's elitists,  not a movement of the people,  by the people and for the people.  In a one world economy,  whether financial or secular,  the people have no voice.  This is precisely the argument the E.U. is having with itself.  Obama is not an American president.  Rather,  he is a socialist dictator, an autocrat,  moving the world away from borders,  stealing the wealth of the successful and giving it to the other leaders of the world (it never goes to the poor or the truly needy, contrary to autocratic propaganda claims).  There are no poor autocrats in world leadership;  think about what that means for you,  a citizen of the world.  

As much as many dislike Piers-Morgan, he understands exactly why Trump is such a problem to the One Worlders in the USA.

Piers-Morgan writes: " . . . . .   despite this unprecedented bombardment of mainstream abuse [he is a bigot, a homophob, a racist, etc] ,  Trump’s poll numbers keep rising and his chances of becoming President keep increasing.
The reason, to me, is obvious: tens of millions of Americans just don’t agree with that withering verdict.
They think Trump’s a fiery, flamboyant, super-rich, shoot-from-the-hip buccaneer on a mission to make America great again.
They agree with him about illegal immigration, about big Government corruption, about Wall Street greed, about ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton and most pertinently, about the threat of Islamic terrorism.
They see Trump as standing up for them, the little guys, especially the working class little guys, against the Establishment that’s conspiring to ruin their lives."

After reading the following headlines, you will realize that something is definitely wrong with Hillary.

 After reading the following headlines,  you will realize that something is definitely wrong with Hillary.  And don't argue that she is prepping for the debates.  If that were true,  why did she schedule the cancelled events in the first place? She is not prepping.  She is resting and trying to recover her strength  ~   editor.

Tyler Durden /
With Trump Regaining North Carolina Lead, Hillary Unexpectedly Postpones Local Fundraiser “Without Reason”  —  If there was a time Hillary needed to make a public appearance in the key battleground state of North Carolina to drum up voter support, it was today, if for no other reason …

Small NC town prepares for Trump rally; Clinton postpones Chapel Hill event