I totally respect these three men, but, I still disagree.

Update:  Of course the Left is not going to accept President Trump's account of what happened.  He told America,  during the noon hour,  that he misspoke,  saying that "he didn't know why Putin should" bear the blame for hacking into our election cycle,  when he meant to say,  "I don't know why Putin shouldn't be blamed for Russian's efforts to influence our election cycle in 2016. 

Original article:   

General Jack Keane

Newt Gingrich

"Matt" Schlapp 

All three agree that Presdent Trump should have been overtly critical of Putin's aggression in Ukrane,  Georgia,  and with regard to Syria and Iran.  

My problem with all this criticism is two fold:  1.  GW Bush and Obama both tried to increase a friendly partnership with Russia.  Trump is doing no different on the Presidential Level.  2. And,  secondly,  Trump's Administrative efforts have been more harsh with Russia  . . . .
. . . .  than the two previous presidents:  increasing sanctions on 700
Russian companies ;  closing two Russian embassies;  providing lethal supply to Georgia and Ukrane (tanks and anti-aircraft), missile defense in Poland;  expelled 60 ambassadors from our country,   strengthening NATO,  and increasing our donation to the European Defense Initiative by a whopping 40%.    

Under no reality,  is Trump acting as a friend to Russia.  But,  he is concerned that the two nations come together and that is what he is trying to develop.  I say,  lets allow the Prez his effort for peace.