In March of 2018, Trump announced sanctions againt 19 Russians and five Russian agencies. OF COURSE HE MISSPOKE.

The Trump administration on Thursday announced sanctions against 19 Russian individuals and five organizations for meddling in the 2016 election and for other "destructive cyber-attacks" still targeting the U.S. electrical grid and water systems.

While the sanctions were the strongest against Russia to date by this [by any ~ editor]  administration, President Trump declined to personally criticize Russia directly for its attacks against the country, or even mention the sanctions, when he briefly met with reporters after the Treasury Department's announcement.
Understand that President Trump has hopes of convincing Putin that cooperation  . . . . .  
is far better for Russia than the path Putin is taking   . . . .    so he minimizes the rhetorical conflict.  Makes sense.    With that in mind,  of course he will play down the rhetoric. 
Still,  the fact remains that the Prez has imposed stronger sanctions,  deported more Russian diplomats (60),  and stood his ground while hoping to bring Putin to the table.   
OF COURSE HE MISSPOKE.  His administration versus Russia proves the point.   End of discussion.