Funny, Democrat Party seems to have the same problem

Number of Asylum Seekers with Mental Health Issues Rising in Germany

 I'll say it again 'cause it's that funny:   "Democrat Party seems to have the same problem."

Think about it:  Dems want to hug terrorists, think Trump is a Russian spy, accept a nuclear N Korea,  accept a nuclear Iran, think a man can become a woman just by saying,  "I am woman," think there is a need to transgender pre-school children, believe it is social justice to release all non-violent criminals from jail, believe white men should die,  believe cops should die, think Al Sharpton in the White House was a good thing,  believe Maxine Waters is a rock-star politician,  think Guam could turn upside down if we add another military base  (seriously per comments made in congress), believe that global warming mathematics can predict weather outcomes (20 feet of water in New York by 2015????), believe the 70 million conservative voters should have no voice in our elections, believe that my guns add to violent crime in Chicago or Baltimore,  think Black Lives Matters cop killing agenda has social value   . . . . .