Democrats lose all 5 Special Elections. Again, they are O for 5. Pardon me while i stop writing to laugh for a few minutes.

$7 million came from California,  $800,000 came to Ossoff from within Georgia in early donations.  90% of all national network coverage favored the Democrat's anti-America agenda.  All totaled,  Dems raised 27 million from outside the state (Right and Left coasts) while the GOP took in less than 2 million from outside the state. 

Ossoff did not do as well as Hillary Clinton,  in the 6th District  of Georgia.  While not a landslide,  it certainly was a convincing victory approaching a landslide victory.  

One final note:  As Karen Handel announced those who helped in the campaign.  the hall exploded into cheers when she gave thanks to President Trump.  Make no mistake,  this election was a referendum favoring Donald Trump.  The path is clear for fundraising and support for the President's agenda.  He was not the drag on election politics that his enemies claimed.  In fact,  there is little negative about the Special Elections outcome,  if you are a trump supporter.  

And the Dems are just as lost as before.  They have no leader,  no agenda (!!!) and not clear path to the future.  Couldn't happen to a nice bunch of clowns.