Do you need another reason not to trust network news? Here it is.

ABC:   The Republican effort to secretly craft a health care bill and whisk it through the Senate is drawing fire from members of both parties. But it's not uncommon for either party to draft bills or resolve stubborn final hurdles behind closed doors, foregoing the step-by-step, civics-book version of how Congress works.

Notes: Of course, the eight years of Obama was more about his phone and his pen than it was about "how Congress works."  Back in those days,  Democrats didn't give a crap about "how Congress works,"  and ABC News knows this   . . . .  but they write their little hit piece in typical disregard for the truth.  

That's even true for the process that produced President Barack Obama's health care law, which the GOP is now trying to dismantle. While Democrats reached out to Republicans, held scores of committee hearings and staged many days of debate on that legislation in 2009 and 2010, they also resorted to private meetings to reach agreements that clinched its approval.

Notes:  ABC writes " . . .  Democrats reached out to Republicans,"  as if this actually happened  . . .  Democrats reaching out to Republicans.  That is an outrageous lie.  During the 13 months it took to get ObamaCare signed into law,  not a single GOP amendment to the law was allowed to clear any of the several committee's involved in the scam process.  Not one word of ObamaCare was allowed from the GOP side.  In fact,  Barack met with GOP Congressional leadership only twice in the first two years,  a total of 35 minutes in two freaking years,  while the Dems pretended that "Conservatism was dead  . . . . . .  forever."   

Keep in mind that the bill was passed without anyone reading the 2700 pages of the bill. How's that for secrecy?  Remember Pelosi saying,  "We have to pass it in order to know what's in it" statement?  Well,  she was defending the secrecy that surrounded the writing of ObamaCare.  Also,  keep in mind that ObamaCare is more than 20,000 pages long.  Only 2,700 pages of the law was voted on  . . . .   the remainder of the law was written by snot nosed Millennials hiding behind anonymity, unelected,  and uninformed.  

ABC News know all of the above,  yet,  has decided to ignore their history as they pretend to be representative of the party of the people.