Until today, I thought the blowhard, Bill O'Reilly was wrong about George Will.

Hadas Gold / Politico:
George Will joins MSNBC  —  Washington Post columnist George Will has joined MSNBC and NBC News as a contributor.  —  Will, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, was most recently a contributor at Fox News, though he became a free agent in January when Fox declined to renew his contract.
Editor's note:  NBC and its shadow network, MSNBC,  have made it clear since the beginning of the Obama Error,  that they support institutionalized mayhem/chaos/vandalism per ACORN, Occupay, Al Sharpton and his subversive cabal,  and, the "free rights" of all who would work to destroy our nation (the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR,  the likes of the Nation of Islam and on and on).   And this collection of enemy forces is to the expense/exclusion of a dynamic and revitalized military,  the purpose and symbol of our national flag,  the U.S. Constitution,  healthy and vibrant political debate,  freedom of speech except as they define "correct" political speech.  
Will should be ashamed of himself for being a part of this particular network.  Can you imagine Will sitting at a table,  trying to have a discussion with the likes of Al Shaprton,  a man who does not have an intelligent bone in his very ugly body?  Good gawd.