Colbert demolishes Trump? seriously?

Matt Wilstein / The Daily Beast: Stephen Colbert Demolishes Trump for Insulting ‘Face The Nation’ Host John Dickerson

Look,  the media is the bully, here.  They are the ones who started this dust up with Trump,  and, now,  they are sorry.  He is not affected,  either personally or in the polls  (the ones that really count).  They have gone after his family,  his wife,  his daughter,  his 10 year old son,  his business empire and his November 8 election victory.  

Sunday,  Trump sat in front of John Dick - erson, and said,  "I like your program.  I call it Deface the nation."  And THAT angered the national class clown,  Colbert.  

So he "demolished Trump,"  in the confines of his show stage,  among friends,  and without any class at all, reverting back to his career as a third grader,  calling names and scoring laughs from the Ignorants in his audience  . . . . In other words,  he used the fighting techniques of a coward and his buds in the media said,  "Gee golly,  you really really got him.  Way to go champ.  Take that Mr. Trump."  

And the intellectual superiority of the Left strikes again.