What did Colbert say that has caused protest?

During his rant last evening,  Colbert said that Trump was Putin's "c*ck holster."  You all know what I think about the IQ claims of the Left.  Colbert proves the point.  He is as intelligent as he sound.

C*ck holster,  teabaggers, white niggers,  the offer of bj services in exchange for a vote against Trump, the constant use of the word "Nazi,"  and on and on and on.  All of this, an appeal to the hearts and minds of those who would rather riot than work,  who respect the opinions of no one but themselves,  who believe that we "have no existential enemies"  (Barack Obama).  

It is a shame that, after you vote "Democrat," you have to take a shower but that is the way it is.  Just read some of my mail and you will know the truth.