A brief word about the War Powers Act:

We are hearing much talk about the don-nothing opposition to Trump's decision to send a message to Assad.  "It was an unconstitutional action."  "He had no authority for his decision."  

As it turns out,  the War Power Act that the Opposition references in their criticism,  gives the President,  any president,  60 days to act in a crisis situation  as he pleases, and,  before going to Congress to expand on his initial decision.  

Trump was reacting to the horror of Assad's gas attack.  It is as simple as that.  To argue that we,  members of the human race,  have no obligation to stand in the gap for those who have suffered so much for so long,  is mindless tripe.  President Trump has made it clear that he is not about a regime change that is not supported by the larger community.  To place ideology ahead of what is righteous,  is to act stupidly and without allegiance to the very values we pretend to proclaim.