Trump is in good shape despite the election campaign in Kansas

Republicans suddenly sweating election in deep-red Kansas district 

Notes:  Local Republicans are critical of the way this campaign is being run.  Up for grabs is the new CIA Director's congressional seat.  Criticisms of the GOP candidate include, "  . . . .  [He] hasn't raised much money, his ads are abysmal — no energy. It's a low turnout special and weird things happen."

 So, there you have it. If this seat turns for the Democrats,  it really has nothing to do with Trump,   who won the state by `30 points.  Of course,  the Dems will pretend otherwise,  but these are the same folks who believe that Trump was given permission by Putin,  to attack the Syrian airbase,  last Thursday   . . . .  and pigs can fly and the Dems are not the fat cats on the Hill.