Tired of winning? Check this out

Understand that the Stock Market has created 4 billion dollars of wealth since Trump won the election   . . . . .   and much of that money has gone to small businesses.  The Russell 2000 (the small business Stock Market) is at all time record highs never seen before, and,   billions added to middle class  retirement funds (401K's) and union funds such as teacher and police unions.  In other words,  stop with this liberal anti-rich fantasy that only the rich are benefiting from this particular Market surge.  

Add to this,  all those companies within and outside of our country,  who are suddenly announcing huge investments in dollars and employment plans, now that Obama and his "business" nonsense is gone.  In fact, I have lost track of all the good news in this category.  

Just yesterday,  March 7,  Exxon,  evil Exxon,  announced a ten year investment (along the Gulf Coast) of 20 billion dollars and the expansion of its company to include the creation of 45,000 jobs,  all blue collar/middle class,  nearly all of which run 90,000 to 110,000 dollars per year. 

All this while the Dems are still sweating transgender bathrooms,   the expulsion of criminal aliens  (emphasis on "criminal"), free college for all, and,  the "take down of President Trump,"  as if they even know what that phrase means.     These folks are not only out of the loop,  they are out of their minds.  Nothing,  absolutely nothing they are talking about,  has to do with the creation of jobs,  taking this country to 3% GDP (the Obama eight year average of 1,6% Real GDP) and rebuilding our depleted military.