For the record, Drudge and I are not buds.

I didn't read this story,  only the headline: 

Former CIA Director slams DRUDGE for peddling 'illegitimate' world view...

Understand,  Dear Readership, that this editor,  is no fan of Matt Drudge.  Apparently this clown blogs his commentary.  I have never been to that site,  only to his "news portal."  

I use Drudge,  Memeorandum, and  the AP as news portals,  giving me the headlines of the day.  I still have to download the related stories as I decide which I intend to include in the daily blog.  

While Midknight Review is a very small blog,  as numbers go,  the blog is "ad free" and,  in that particular category,  it is the largest ad-free blog on the Internet  . . . .   seriously.  

Today,  for example,  pagewiews are 1361 with 10 hours left in the publishing day.  Also, I do not encourage comments,  allowing only a fraction of what is addressed to me.  If I encourage comments,  this blog would have 50,000 hits per day,  easily,  but brain-dead commentary is not my thing.  

At any rate,  85% of the posted commentary on the Review, is original with me and it has been that way since the Summer of 2008.  

Now you know.