They have run out of ammunition and are left with nothing to throw at Trump but insults . . . . and this is framed as "news" by the Petulants in our Marxist Media.

President Trump "looked like a third grader" trying to “squirm out of a lie" when asked about his wiretapping claims during a Fox News interview, CNN's political director said Thursday.David Chalian, who oversees political coverage across all of CNN platforms, spoke on-air Thursday after the Senate Intelligence Committee announced it saw no evidence of Trump’s accusation.
(Source:  Somewhere on The Hill - not worthy of a hyperlink(). 

Notes:  So says a report in The Hill, Friday morning.  My question:  Why is this sort of thing "news?"  I would suggest this:  The Marxist in our Media have run out of bullets.  I watched the same interview.  I saw a president answering all the questions thrown at him,  respectfully,  and responding in as presidential a manner as any president.  Besides,  why should any of us care what a reporter at CNN think about President Trump's manner, especially when that reporter and his network are declared enemies of our current government?  Guaranteed,  I will not get a single anonymous comment answering this question that does not have rhetorical filth as the most pronounced feature in its content.  They are like petulant children trying to get a rise out of their parents.  

The adults are back in town and the children can't stop bitching about it.