Meals on Wheels keeps the senior citizen from starving to death. Seriously?

Eric Levitz / New York Magazine:
White House Says Cutting Meals on Wheels Is ‘Compassionate’  —  President Trump's new budget would increase defense spending by $54 billion — while slashing funding for medical research, climate science, public housing, education, aid to the indigent, infrastructure, and many, many other things.

Notes:  The response to this proposed budget cut was more than predicable.  Problem: It amounts to 3 million dollars as a grant to "Meals on Wheels" across the entire nation and its thousands of cities. Three million divided by tens of thousands.  Good grief.  

Understand that this program (Meals on Wheels) will continue.  

More importantly, however,  you should know that the final budget will look very different,  several months down the road.