"Under-reported" can be just as bad as "fake news."

Did you know that the

Saudi Prince Declares President Trump “True Friend of Muslims” – Supports Temporary Refugee Ban

Bet you can't a remember a similar headline for our previous wannabee Muslim president.  In fact,  his reputation in the Middle East is one of a coward/turncoat. 

 His "red line" in Syria was a much bigger mistake than our Marxist media wants you to know   . . . . .   ever.  And,  this is not to mention the 1.6 billion dollar deal Barack made with Iran  --  the accepted enemy of the remaining Middle Eastern powers.   What you don't know is this:   el-Sici, President of Egypt, and the King of Jordan both refused to be "all in" with the United States in the Middle East and their reason?  "Barack starts things, but does not finish them. He starts wars and then walks away." 

President Trump is changing the way the world thinks about us,  the U.S.,  and, the first fruits of that realization are the leadership in the Muslim Middle East   . . . .   those same leaders who came to distrust Barack Obama and the U.S. he represented.  

Its called "leading from behind."  

To my readership,  I encourage you not to buy into the lies you are being told,  i.e. Trump is a Russian agent, a crook using the Presidency to get rich, using the presidency to enrich
his billion dollar friends,  working with Russia to subvert the free world,  using the presidency to steal from the old and helpless in order to enrich himself,  using the presidency to pay back Russia for winning the election for him,  using his position to take down the media,  using his position to destroy the political process in America,  using his position as President to set up a world class "pay for play" with other countries and corporate conglomerates  . . . . .   and on and on.  

We are at war with folks who know all of the above is a lie,  but will stop at nothing to take down Donald Trump and put him in jail.  After all,  he is blowing up their well crafted campaign to enslave half the nation,  the half that works and pays their taxes.  That is the 63 million who voted for Trump  ---  the 63 million folks who do not count with this bunch of rogue bastards.  

Trump is the answer to an avoidance of civil war in this country.  He needs our support and time to get things done.  

Hail to chief.