The storm that will spell the end of ISIS in Middle East is gathering.

400 troops are going to Syria,  a few miles north of Raqqa (the so-called capital of ISIS.  They will be setting up camp and preparing to help local forces in the fight to utterly destroy ISIS.  

The U.S. is sending 2,500 additional forces to Kuwait to serve in a reserve capacity in the fight against the Islamic State, Army Times reports.

The forces will largely be drawn from the 82nd Airborne division and will be used at the discretion of ground commanders in the ISIS fight. The announcement is the latest in a series of escalations by the Trump administration in the war against ISIS which could signal a prolonged U.S. presence in Syria and Iraq.

Add to this news,  the fact that more than 60 sorties have been flown in Yemen over the past week,  in attacks against AQAP  (al Qaeda on steriods) in the same period of time the hapless Obama flew 30 strikes in a 12 month period,  and you have the beginning of Trump's war against ISIS put in context.    And please don't tell us that Trump "is over there,  without a plan."  He made it clear,  over and over again,  that as the Commander and Chief,  he would NOT be sharing his plans and time schedules with the media.  

Like I keep saying,  the adults are back in town.  

Text is from Midknight Review and The Daily Caller.