The new CAFE' standards would make little difference in the L.A. basin.

20 years ago,  downtown L.A.  was barely visible. Today?  Big difference.  Does your city look this good?
Trump is putting a cap on a 35 year law regulating the auto industry and car emissions (the Cafe' Standards).  The latest standards,  put into effect by Obama,  would have cost thousands of jobs and raised the average price of a new vehicle by a whopping $3,500 . 

There is no doubt that earlier Cafe' Standards have done a world of good.  Anyone familiar with the 20 year environmental history of the L.A. Basin,  knows that the basin,  today,   is remarkably clear,  by comparison.  

You should know that new car emissions are nearly 87% less than the emission of the 1985 automobile.  The automobile is no longer the threat to our environment that it once was.  This being true,  we as a people,  no longer have to punish the poorer labor force with ridiculously high auto prices.  In stead,  with the success of implemented fuel emission standards,  we can slow down our progress, not abandon it,   to clean air,  allowing wages to catch up to increasing auto owner costs.    Finally,  we have a President who cares as much the labor force and poorer American families as he cares about clean air   . . . . .    a huge change from the previous Administration.