So, you are thinking Trump has allowed to Dems the reality of shutting down his government? Think again, grasshopper.

 Here is the beginning of a list of 400 names of folks who have been added to the Trump government while we have been sweating the Secretarial nomination process.  And tomorrow there will be more,  and the day after.  Trump is building his government at the rate of 45 or more selections per day without the help of Damn Dems  (aka DemWits).  

In January,  Trump announced that he was hiring more than 500 folks to serve as "beachhead teams" within his government.  Well,  again,  here are 400 of them.  None of them have Senate approval, nor do they require such.  They are legal and they will be loyal to President Trump.  Obama had his Czars.  Trump has these people.  

For the full list  (another 250-300 names) click on this site and stop worrying.   Trump really is one of us.  Anyone who might know me, personally,  will know that I can be a hot head in a flash.  And I know hundreds of guys just like me  . . . . . . .    including Donald J Trump.  He can say some really dumb ass things,  but when the man works 18 days,  has sacrificed millions of personal income,  and is actually trying to keep his campaign promises  (when was the last time for that !!),  well,  he has got my vote.  Like it or not,  he is our last hope,  and most of the time,  he is able to pull his foot out of his without damage to his shoe brand  . . . .  something I can't do,  just ask my previously happy Ex.  


Joe AlexanderSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/17
AgricultureDavid BlairConfidential AssistantGS-121/20/17
AgricultureTurner BridgforthDeputy White House LiaisonGS-121/20/17
AgricultureNicholas BruskyConfidential AssistantGS-121/20/17
AgricultureSamuel ClovisSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/17
AgricultureCarly CoutureConfidential AssistantGS-121/20/17
AgricultureCharles Crowe*Staff Assistant
AgricultureJody CumminsConfidential AssistantGS-111/20/17
AgricultureBrian DanselSpecial AssistantGS-141/20/17
AgricultureBrock DenselConfidential AssistantGS-121/20/17
AgricultureGeorge DunlopSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/17
AgricultureJacob FrenchStaff AssistantGS-091/20/17
AgricultureJoseph GilsonConfidential AssistantGS-111/22/17
AgricultureHeidi GreenSenior AdvisorSES1/30/17
AgricultureDonald GutmanSenior Advisor to OCFOSES1/20/17
AgricultureAustin HarrisStaff AssistantGS-091/20/17
AgricultureBethany HudsonConfidential AssistantGS-111/20/17
AgricultureKevin JayneConfidential AssistantGS-131/20/17
AgricultureDino LaVerghettaSpecial AssistantGS-151/22/17
AgricultureRussell LairdSpecial AssistantGS-151/30/17


David MatthewsConfidential AssistantGS-111/20/17
AgricultureAuria McAlicher*Special Assistant
AgricultureBrenton McNeely*White House Liaison
AgricultureThomas MidanekWhite House LiaisonGS-151/20/17
AgricultureElla MizrahiStaff AssistantGS-041/30/17
AgricultureChristopher OHaganConfidential AssistantGS-121/20/17
AgricultureTim PageConfidential AssistantGS-121/22/17
AgricultureCameron QuinnSpecial AssistantGS-151/30/17
AgricultureElias RellaStaff AssistantGS-071/20/17
AgricultureJames RenneSpecial AssistantGS-151/30/17
AgricultureMichawn RichSpecial AssistantGS-151/30/17
AgricultureWilliam RussellConfidential AssistantGS-131/25/17
AgricultureCampbell ShufordConfidential AssistantGS-111/20/17
AgricultureJoel SmallStaff AssistantGS-071/20/17
AgricultureStephen VadenSenior Advisor to OGCSES1/22/17
AgricultureThayer VerschoorSpecial AssistantGS-141/30/17
AgricultureNicholas WestcottConfidential AssistantGS-111/30/17
AgricultureJoshua WhitehouseConfidential AssistantGS-131/20/17
AgricultureRobyn WhitneyStaff AssistantGS-091/20/17
AgricultureLarry YoungSenior Advisor to the SecretarySES1/30/17
CommerceTodd AbrajanoDirector, Office of White House LiaisonGS-151/23/17
CommerceEric BranstadSenior White House AdvisorSES1/23/17
CommerceAustin BrowningConfidential Assistant GS-71/20/17
CommerceMichael BurgessConfidential Assistant GS-91/20/17
CommerceDorsey CameronSpecial AssistantGS-091/25/17
CommerceEarl ComstockDirector, Office of Policy and Strategic PlanningSES1/30/17
CommerceJames EdelenSenior AdvisorGS-131/20/17
CommerceJohn GuidoConfidential AssistantGS-071/23/17
CommerceRockas JamesSpecial AssistantGS-091/25/17
Consumer Product Safety CommissionPatricia Hines Adkins††Executive DirectorSES
Consumer Product Safety CommissionJulia Erin Richardson††Director, Office of Congressional RelationsGS-15
Consumer Product Safety CommissionScott Wolfson††Supervisory Public Affairs SpecialistGS-15
DefenseDeborah James*

DefenseChristopher Johnson*

DefenseDerek Maurer*

DefenseRobert Scher*

EducationNathan Bailey*

EducationDerrick BolenConfidential Assistant to the SecretaryGS-071/20/17
EducationJason BotelSenior WH AdvisorSES1/20/17
EducationMichael Brickman*

EducationStanley BucheskySenior Advisor Budget and FinanceSES1/20/17
EducationMichael Chamberlain*

EducationDeborah Cox-RoushSpecial Assistant to the Secretary GS-151/23/17
EducationSarah Delahunty*

EducationKevin EckSpecial Assistant to the Secretary GS-151/20/17
EducationGillum FergusonConfidential Assistant to the SecretaryGS-121/30/17
EducationMatthew Frendewey*

EducationHolly HamSpecial Assistant to the Secretary GS-151/20/17
EducationRonald HoldenSpecial Assistant to the Secretary GS-151/30/17
EducationAlexandra HudsonSpecial Assistant to the Secretary GS-131/30/17
EducationAmy JonesSpecial Assistant to the Secretary GS-151/20/17
EducationAndrew KossackSpecial Assistant to the Secretary GS-151/20/17
EducationEbony Lee*

EducationMichael OberliesConfidential Assistant to the SecretaryGS-111/30/17
EducationBeatriz RamosConfidential Assistant to SecretaryGS-121/23/17
EducationCody ReynoldsSpecial Assistant to the Secretary GS-151/20/17
EducationJeffrey Riemer*

EducationLaura Rigas*

EducationNeil Ruddock III*

EducationPatrick SheenanConfidential Assistant to the SecretaryGS-111/20/17
EducationLee Simmons*

EducationJana Toner*

EducationTeresa Unrue*

EducationJoshua VenableSenior Advisor to the SecretarySES1/20/17
EducationEric VentimigliaSpecial Assistant to the Secretary GS-151/20/17
EducationJerry WardSpecial Assistant to the Secretary GS-151/20/17
EducationPatrick Young Special Assistant to the Secretary GS-151/23/17
EnergyTristan AbbeyAssistant to the SecretaryGS-141/20/17
EnergyJustin BisAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/17
EnergyG. Michael BrownExecutive AdvisorSES1/20/17
EnergySam BuchanAssistant to the SecretaryGS-121/20/17
EnergyHunter BuddAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/17
EnergyJoshua CampbellAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/17
EnergyMartin DannenfelserAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/17
EnergyBrett FetterlyAssistant to the SecretaryGS-111/20/17
EnergyTravis FisherAssistant to the SecretaryGS-131/20/17
EnergyStanley GerdesAssistant to the SecretaryGS-141/30/17
EnergyWilliam GreeneAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/17
EnergyWells GriffithSenior WH AdvisorSES1/20/17
EnergySarah HabanskyPublic Affairs SpecialistGS-151/20/17
EnergyBob HausPublic Affairs SpecialistGS-141/26/17
EnergyKayla HensleyAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/17
EnergyRoger JarrellAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/17
EnergySuzanne JaworowskiAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/17
EnergyPatrick JohnsonAssistant to the SecretaryGS-131/23/17
EnergyMark MaddoxAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/23/17
EnergyEric MahroumAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/30/17
EnergyDoug MatheneyAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/17
EnergyJake McCurdyAssistant to the SecretaryGS-101/20/17
EnergyTaylor PlayforthAssistant to the SecretaryGS-131/23/17
EnergyDaniel SimmonsAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/17
EnergyCathy TripodiAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/30/17
EnergyJoseph UddoWH LiaisonGS-151/20/17
EnergyDan WilmotAssistant to the SecretaryGS-151/20/17
EnergyKyle YunaskaAssistant to the SecretaryGS-131/30/17
Environmental ProtectionDavid KreutzerSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/17
Environmental ProtectionLayne BangerterSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/17
Environmental ProtectionDonald BentonSenior White House AdvisorSES1/21/17
Environmental ProtectionPatrick DavisSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/17
Environmental ProtectionDouglas EricksenSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/17
Environmental ProtectionHolly GreavesSenior AdvisorSES1/21/17
Environmental ProtectionCharles MunozWhite House LiaisonGS-151/21/17
Environmental ProtectionDavid SchnareSenior AdvisorSES1/21/17
Environmental ProtectionJustin SchwabSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/17
Environmental ProtectionGeorge SugiyamaSenior AdvisorGS-151/21/17
Export-Import BankTroy FuhrimanSenior CounselSL
Export-Import BankJesse LawWhite House LiaisonSL1/24/17
General Services Admin.Michael DowningSenior AdvisorGS-141/20/17
General Services Admin.Phillip HartSenior AdvisorGS-151/23/17
General Services Admin.John Jaggers†Senior AdvisorGS-151/20/17
General Services Admin.Emily MurphyWhite House LiaisonSES1/24/17
General Services Admin.Michael SolomonSenior AdvisorGS-151/20/17
General Services Admin.John St. JohnSenior White House AdvisorSES1/20/17
General Services Admin.Thomas StonerSenior AdvisorGS-121/30/17
Health and Human ServicesAnna AbramSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/17
Health and Human ServicesAlexander AramandaSpecial AssistantGS-141/23/17
Health and Human ServicesJuanita BalengerSpecial AssistantGS-111/23/17
Health and Human ServicesMatthew BowmanSpecial AssistantGS-151/25/17
Health and Human ServicesBrady BrookesSpecial AssistantGS-131/20/17
Health and Human ServicesJohn BrooksSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/17
Health and Human ServicesAlexandra CampauSpecial AssistantGS-141/20/17
Health and Human ServicesTimothy ClarkSenior Advisor to the SecretarySES 1/20/17
Health and Human ServicesKamran DaraviSpecial AssistantGS-131/20/17
Health and Human ServicesCarla DiBlasioSpecial AssistantGS-131/23/17
Health and Human ServicesHeather FlickSenior Advisor to the SecretarySES 1/20/17
Health and Human ServicesDarcie JohnstonSpecial AssistantGS-141/24/17
Health and Human ServicesJohn KalavritinosSpecial AssistantGS-151/24/17
Health and Human ServicesLance LeggittSenior Advisor to the SecretarySES 1/23/17
Health and Human ServicesKeagan LenihanSenior Advisor to the SecretarySES 1/23/17
Health and Human ServicesMatthew LloydSpecial AssistantGS-141/23/17
Health and Human ServicesTyler McGuffeeSpecial AssistantGS-131/20/17
Health and Human ServicesMarie MeszarosSpecial AssistantGS-141/20/17
Health and Human ServicesDolly (Mari) MoorheadSpecial AssistantGS-111/20/17
Health and Human ServicesPatrick MurphySpecial AssistantGS-141/20/17
Health and Human ServicesBrian NealeSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/17
Health and Human ServicesRandolph PateSpecial AssistantGS-151/23/17
Health and Human ServicesAnna PilatoSpecial AssistantGS-151/24/17
Health and Human ServicesMary PowersSpecial AssistantGS-121/25/17
Health and Human ServicesNina SchaeferSpecial AssistantGS-151/20/17
Health and Human ServicesPaula StannardWhite House Senior AdvisorSES 1/23/17
Health and Human ServicesHeidi StirrupSpecial AssistantGS-141/23/17
Health and Human ServicesAmanda StreetSpecial AssistantGS-131/25/17
Health and Human ServicesBeth TignorSpecial AssistantGS-121/23/17
Health and Human ServicesLaura TruemanSpecial AssistantGS-151/23/17
Health and Human ServicesSteven ValentineSpecial AssistantGS-111/23/17
Health and Human ServicesKyle ZebleySpecial AssistantGS-121/20/17
Homeland SecurityJohn BarsaAdvisorGS-151/21/17
Homeland SecurityBrent BombachAdvisorGS-151/26/17
Homeland SecurityKevin CarrollSpecial AdvisorSES1/21/17
Homeland SecurityBen CassidySpecial CounselGS-151/24/17
Homeland SecurityTiffany CissnaWH LiaisonSES1/28/17
Homeland SecurityJon FeereAdvisorGS 151/27/17
Homeland SecurityMario FloresDirector, Trips and AdvanceGS-131/23/17
Homeland SecurityKatie GorkaAdvisorGS 151/25/17
Homeland SecurityGene HamiltonSpecial AdvisorSES1/20/17
Homeland SecurityHarold HansonAdvisorSES1/23/17
Homeland SecurityMatt HaydenAdvisorGS 14 1/27/17
Homeland SecurityElizabeth JohnsonAdvisorGS-14 1/26/17
Homeland SecurityJames JohnsonAdvisorGS-151/20/17
Homeland SecurityJulie KirchnerAdvisorGS-151/20/17
Homeland SecurityKathy Nuebel KovarikAdvisorGS-151/26/17
Homeland SecurityScott KrauseAdvisorGS-151/20/17
Homeland SecurityAlan MetzlerDeputy COS, OpsSES1/20/17
Homeland SecurityEmily NewmanAdvisorGS-14 1/23/17
Homeland SecurityKirstjen NielsenChief of StaffSES1/21/17
Homeland SecurityLora RiesAdvisorGS-15