Doctors do not support the new healthcare reforms? Really? I don't think so.

Andrew W. Gurman / AMA Wire:
Physicians reject House ACA replacement bill

I remember the good old days,  when Obama and the Dems were telling the GOP to go to hell, that they no longer had a voice in United States governance.  Back then, the AMA was in full support of ObamaCare.  

So,  of course they oppose the current effort at reform.  Just how many doctors does this association represent?  Shouldn't you know?  

Here is the truth and it is not much different than back in 2010.  The AMA represents about 23% of all doctors and physicians.  So let's not get too excited.  They are part of the minority class,  along with all those women who took the day off to prove that they were important, like we didn't already know.  

BTW,  did anyone feel the impact of their absence, today.    If this bunch was so dang important,  shouldn't we have felt their absence?  All those kids at school did and all those parents who had to pay for daycare,  today.  Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent, today,  by other middle class families so these clowns could have their day of protest.  Good grief.