Schumer seems determined to commit suicide when it comes to party politics. Good for him.

Chuck Schumer:  “After careful deliberation I have concluded that I cannot support Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court,” 

Truns out that Schumer is now saying that Gorsuch's selection to the High Court would change the balance of power on the court.  Keep in mind that this moron apparently has forgotten that Gorsuch is a replacement for Justice Scalia.  There is simply no genuine way Gorsuch changes the balance of power.  

But I am fine with this.  We have assurances form McConnell  that Gorsuch "will be approved" making it likely that the filibuster will be taken off the table.  

One would think that the Dems would wait until the second justice replacement  . . . .   one that would, indeed,  change the balance of power of the Supreme Court.  

Mitch McConnell would be less tempted to refuse to honor the filibuster for following nominees if the filibuster is not used in the Gorsuch case.  Most conservatives know that McConnell is unwilling to change Senate tradition,  but,  in this case,  he really has no choice.  And if he pursues that demand,  the likelihood to make the 51 vote a new standard for the Senate is greatly increased.

One final thought:  I believe that if Schumer came to McConnell, today,  and said,  "Let's make a deal.  We will not use the filibuster against Gorsuch if you promise to leave the filibuster in place for all future nominees,"  Mitch McConnell would agree.  But he cannot agree if Schumer is serious about using the filibuster to defeat Gorsuch.  THAT would change the balance of power as it has been judicially defined over the years, and Mitch McConnell does not want his name attached to that calamity.