Fake News item #172: Trump is an operative of the Russian governmnet.

US officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians  -  a CNN headline. 

The propaganda machine is running 24/7/365 at CNN.  Now,  in spite of the fact that more intel agents disagree with this report than agree,  still,  CNN feels it has no choice, as an operative of the Progressive European Socialist Party,  but to do what it can to counter the real news of the day,  that the Obama Administration had implicitly involved itself in the unmasking of a number of GOP personnel.  

 It no longer takes an investigative genius to prove Obama's leadership in the Russian/Trump story.  He declassified secret documents and assign the task of placing these documents  in common files,  easily accessible to his operatives.  He took down the wall between the several intelligence agencies making is more probable that this "incriminating" evidence be shared on a wide scale,  and leaked  (illegally) to the Marxist Media.  He did all that.  We know,  because none of this could have happened without his approval as President   . . . . .   period.  

Besides,  who is really working with the Russians?  I mean,  did you know that the Russians are in this country mining our Uranium thanks to Obama/Hillary giving the Russians 20% of our Uranium reserves?  From my perspective,  this is an act of treason.  Did you know that Barack cancelled the missile defense systems to be built in Poland and the New Czech Republic because Putin was upset with this Bush era treatise?  The decision was unilateral and against the will of those two countries.   

Who leaned forward to tell the President of Russia,  "Tell Putin I will be more flexible after the elections 2012)?  Of course,  it was Barack.  

Who came up with the Russian reset?  Barack/Hillary.  Who laughed out loud when Romney suggested that our most profound modern day enemy is/was Russia?  

With all this in mind,  it is more than laughable that the Dems would dare to pretend that they are anti-Russian.  

Now you know the truth.