Schumer once considered a deal maker, is running for being the worst Senate Democrat leader since and including the moronic Harry Reid.

Schumer calls for delaying Gorsuch vote because of Trump-Russia probe

Note:  Never mind that one has nothing to do with the other.  Its just an excuse to slow down the Trump Train.  I can't imagine a single Republican opposing Judge Gorsuch.  That being said,  by hook (60 votes) or crook (the nuclear option),  Justice Gorsuch will be our 9th Supreme Court justice.   

We are reminded daily,  that the Dems are still angry about the rejection of Merritt Garland.  News Flash:  The GOP is still angry about Justice Bork.  Pay back is a beotch.  

Gorsuch did great,  today,  BTW.  One can see why he was approved for his appellate court position unanimously.