Fake News story #169: Trump threatens GOP

John Bresnahan / Politico: Trump to Republicans: Vote for Obamacare repeal or lose your seat  

Notes:  With the wording of this headline,  the Marxist One Worlders in our media,  want you to believe that Trump has taken to threatening his party members.  Of course,  that did not happen  (emphasis on "of course").  Only that the Presz reminded the members of what might happen in 2018.  

But there is no need to panic.  If the Thursday vote does not go as planned,  there will definitely be another day.  That is the way sausage is made.   

Update:  Understand that what passes into law,  on Thursday,  can be revised in the coming weeks and months.  Right now,  let's get a victory that appears to be big.   

Update #2:  BTW,  The Hill words its headline as if Trump issued a threat rather than an urgent remind with this pathetic and misleading headline:  Freedom Caucus chairman shrugs off Trump warning on 2018 'Nuff said.