More promises kept as job opportunities multiply.

Trump signs four executive orders reversing much of Obama's late term agenda.

First,  he got rid of the blacklisting rule. “The rule violated the due process rights of contractors by forcing them to report mere allegations of misconduct — which are often frivolous and filed with nefarious intentions by special interest groups,” said Ben Brubeck, vice president of regulatory affairs at the Associated Builders and Contractors.

Other regulations Trump overturned included the Interior Department’s land use rule, as well as the Education Department’s rules for teacher preparation and school accountability.

James Goodwin, senior regulatory policy analyst at the Center for Progressive Reform, criticized GOP lawmakers for the “orgy of Congressional Review Act resolutions” they are sending to Trump.
“It’s an incredibly reckless approach to congressional oversight,” Goodwin said. “We’re talking about rules that have been in the works for four, five, six, seven years. They’re lining them up for repeal, even though they probably have no idea what they do or which agency they came from.”

Kind of refreshing to realize that we are getting back to the basics of governance and moving away from the paralysis caused by the P.C. crowd.