Coal and dairy will benefit from the next Executive Order (see the update).

President Trump will use an executive order on Tuesday to dismantle to the Obama administration’s climate change agenda. 
The order compels the EPA to review Obama's landmark climate rule for power plant emissions, the 2015 Clean Power Plan.  

UpdateAccording to experts, the decision to move away from the Clean Power Plan of 2015 signals the United States exit from the "Paris Climate treatise."  Of course,  it was never a "treatise,"  only an agreement among nations.  The Senate never voted its approval  which is required before something becomes a "treatise."  And, that is precisely why President Trump could end our agreement in Paris,  because it was not a treatise,  only a worthless handshake and a pat on the back. 

Nothing wrong with a plan that works for clean air,  but there is everything wrong with a plan that put's hard working people at the bottom of a list of concerns.  Barack made it clear,  time after time,  that he did not care about the working Middle Class. 

The Executive Order,  when signed by Trump,  will undo the previous administration’s climate change orders, across the board,   Besides the EPA, it will order the Interior Department to end a moratorium on new coal leasing on federal land, as well as put an end to Obama's impossible restrictions on methane emissions,  a program that would have made it impossible for the smaller diary rancher.