More misinformation from the Times -- and it is OBVIOUSLY false.

Margot Sanger-Katz / New York Times: No Magic in How G.O.P. Plan Lowers Premiums: It Penalizes Older People

Notes:  Utter nonsense.  For starters,  "older people" are all on Medicare.  Trump has promised not to touch Medicare.  And if the GOP tries to fix this out of control rabbit-hole of an entitlement,  they will face the wrath of the older voter.  In other words,  the Times conclusion is a fantasy scare tactic of the Commun-ist Party,  plain and simple.  

Cost for the individual will decrease.  Why?  Because there is no mandate to purchase a specific plan offered by Central Planning.  Instead,  the individual will act like an individual when it comes to the purchase of health insurance.  That being true,  he/she will not buy insurance that is unafforable. Prices will decrease,  because the buyer,  now,  is not the Government,  but the American private citizen.  

And trust me,  there will be those companies that camp on "cheap insurance prices."  Again,  lower prices are on the way. 

Serviceability will increase,  at the same time.  When you are required to pay $600 a month for insuring a family of four,  and your deductibles total 6 to 10 thousand dollars,  you have coverage you cannot afford to use.  ObamaCare was never about health insurance   . . . .  only about the transfer of wealth from the well off to those considered "poor."     If deductibles and co-pays decrease,  and that is the promise of the new bill,  then folks can actually use their policies for the purposes intended for insurance coverage.