Gallup has President Trump at 37% . . . . no big deal.

The President’s approval has dropped three points this weekend to 37 per cent, the lowest point since Mr Trump stepped into the White House.

Other presidents have suffered even lower ratings during their time in office, but this is the first time in at least 70 years that any president dipped to this point by March of their first term, according to Gallup.  (Source:

Notes:  The key observation,  here,  is this:  37% is not a record low for The Donald.  And,  it is not a record for other presidents.  And,  "the most popular president of all time" has no legacy,  a man whose job performance as a measurable circumstance is the worst of all time.  

When I write "measurable circumstance,"  I am talking about reality.  The reality in the Middle East is hard evidence as to the Wannabee Muslim president's  refusal to be the leader against terror that he needed to be.  He left office with no real friends/allies in that region of the world.  His policies destroyed  Libya's governance,  Somalia,  the Sudan,  and allowed for the deaths of nearly 600,000 people in Syria (the red line).  His "alliance" against ISIS was a blatant lie as in "non-existent."  In fact,  this particular lie allowed for an untrained and underfunded army of 10,000 men (talking about ISIS) to completely stymie the American military.  Obama lost the peace in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan.  Domestically,  it is clear that the Obama regulatory administration did not give the nation the kind of economy (GDP) that gets folks off food stamps,  out of poverty and off the non-participation rolls   . . . .    all three issues remaining at record highs.     

Lesson learned?  Gallup is steeped in the movement to fully discredit President Trump.  Its numbers are meaningless and highly suspect.  At this point in time,  the only concern is Trump's job performance as a matter of fact  versus "as a matter popularity and polling opinion.