About the current House intel committee hearings: Lots of baseless bluster but zero established facts as to a Trump/Russian collusion

Martin Matishak / Politico:
Comey confirms FBI probe into Trump-Russia collusion  —  FBI Director James Comey confirmed Monday the FBI is investigating Russia's meddling in the presidential election, including possible links between the Trump campaign and Moscow.  —  He also shot down President Donald Trump's explosive claim … 
Notes:  Just finished watching an hour of the House committee hearing.  Here is what I know:  The Dems have colluded to get their media reporting into the public record with little investigative imput or evidence.  
No attention has been given to the fact that all of the Russian takeover of the Ukraine following Obama's pledge to "be more flexible after the [2012] election,  nor was there any assessment as to the affect of the "Russian reset" on the growing Russian influence prior to the invasion of the Ukraine.  
Finally,  for the sake of this post,  We have the Democrat party using the entire day and more,  to cast heavy dispersion on the Trump Administration,  and their tactic,  from a popular point of view as opposed to an evidentiary point of view.  The Democrat effort in this televised committee hearing is orchestrated and comprehensive,  indicating long term preparation.  All of the Democrat members of the committee were/have been  given specific propaganda assignments,  in an effort to prejudice the American voter against the Trump Administration.  
As to the effectiveness of this slanderous* attack,  it is proving to be most effective on its surface.  Time will tell   . . . .  and we are talking about months and months of time  . . . . . as to whether there will be a resolution of accusations against the Trump Administration or the filing of criminal charges.  For certain,  the slander coming from this committee makes it appear that media reporting is credible,  because of the inclusion of media report's into the public/committee's record.  As a consequence, media reporting looks official,  when,  in fact,  it is only opinion and fantasy when not accompanied by real evident   . . . . .    of which there is little.  
Conclusion:  The Democrats are using this hearing to convict Trump without evidence,  solely on the basis of an existing intelligence investigation. No matter what else is revealed,  General Flynn has been a disaster for the Trump Administration.  Clearly the Administration is not involved,  however.  We know this  because Flynn lied to the Administration about his involvement with the Russians.  Finally,  while there is an ongoing investigation into the possibility of collusion,  Comey is on record supporting the remaining intel community in saying,  "There is no evidence of collusion.  There is lots of smoke but no fire whatsoever."   We hasten to point out,  that nothing rising to criminality is being charged against General Flynn,  just extremely poor judgment.  
*If "slander" is defined as accusations without real evidence.