This is far more important news than the dust-up over Trump's immigration "ban."

Mattis: U.S. Will Defend Japanese Islands And Deploy Missile Defense In South Korea

Chinese officials reacted with disgust when Defense Secretary James Mattis announced Saturday the United States would defend Japan-controlled islands claimed by China and deploy missile defense in South Korea.
Mattis, according to The New York Times, told Japanese officials Saturday morning that the U.S. defense responsibilities of Japan expanded to the debated rocky station posts known as Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan.
Mattis, who made his remarks at a Tokyo news conference, said that China’s territorial declaration to nearly all of its waters “has shredded the trust of nations in the region.” Sec. Mattis discussed Article 5 of the United States-Japan treaty, which obligates the the U.S. defend Japan or its territories that it controls against an attack.