Sanders asks for total surrender of the GOP.

Sanders Demands Senate GOP Drop Nuclear Option On SCOTUS Pick

Notes:  Think about it.  Sanders,  the man who made himself famous betraying his constituency,  now demands the GOP surrender the only tool it has that prevents gridlock.  The Dems are on record pledging to resist any GOP nomination to the High Court throughout the full term of Trump,  whether that be four years or eight years.  

The nuclear option gives the GOP a chance to accomplish the most important aspect of their agenda.  Understand this,  the Democrats would not hesitate for a second to declare the end of the filibuster,  not one second.  So don't listen to their soulful pleadings,  knowing that they were the ones who set the standard when it comes to the nuclear option.  

 And if Mitch McConnell does not realize that the GOP has been given an opportunity to bring our courts out of the dungeon of activism,  he will go down as one of the most hated politicians in the GOP,  and (perhaps) the man who opened the door to the end of the GOP.  

 This is serious stuff.  After decades,  the GOP and its conservative base have been given a chance at reconciling the nation's sense of direction with the time honored values of our Founding Fathers.    While the Dems followers will vote for anything they are told to support,  the GOP base is perfectly willing to walk away from the party.  We have no more patience for the status quo.  Trump is not where he is because of his effort alone.  No.  In fact his effort and instincts pale in the light of a supporting voting base that has tired of being ignored by its own leaders.  And if Trump is not true to his promises,  he will be gone.  Make note of the difference,  here.  Obama was an epic failure, yet his minions continue to say "yes, masser."  By contrast,  Trump and the GOP do not have a voting base that will blindly participate in their failure.  They are going to get this right,  or we are all going fishing.  To hell with politics. 

You have been warned.