How is Trump doing regarding jobs creation? Well, its not about "jobs created or saved," that's for sure.

How is Trump doing regarding jobs creation?  Well,  its no longer  about "jobs created or saved,"  that's for sure. Understand that the Words Smith in Chief was all about creating illusions as to his "success."  No greater example of his ability to create crap dialogue than his invention of "created or saved."  

His is the first presidency to not have a single year of 3% GDP or more more.  In fact,  his average GDP was closer to 1`.8%.  ALL economists agree that we need 2.5% GDP at the bare minimum to sustain any kind of real jobs growth.  That simply did not happen with the Know Nothing in Chief.  

While Barack was consistent in reminding us that his record included 70 plus months of job growth,  he never measured this against the fact that 60 months of that total included greater job loss, as a contrast.  In other words,  as an example,  if the "jobs report" came in at 278,000,  the job loss came in at 240,000.  That is why the participation rate has continued to lose ground during his pathetic time in office.  

Back to my opening question.  How is he doing with jobs creation?  You must be aware of the 350,000 jobs promised by leaders talking to and meeting with President Trump, but did you read about Japan? 

This morning,  we learn that Japan is putting together an investment package that will create 700,000 jobs within the United States.  These jobs will be in infrastructure and cyber security.  The surprising benefit to this, is the fact that such investments will end the threat of a trade war with that country.  Its all good, folks.