Trump is in another meeting of Type A's . . . . . something Barack could not handle.

Trump is currently (this morning) meeting with Jack Welch, form GE CEO, Mary Barra, GM CEO, Daniel Yergan of IHS Market, Mark Weinburger, chairman/CEO of EY Global,  Paul Atkins of Patomack Global, Jamie Dimon,  president and CEO of JP Morgan Chase and Jeff Bezos,  CEO of Amazon and recent owner of the Wa/Post,  BlackRock Investment,  Tesla, WalMart, Pepsico and others are all in this meeting.  

No President in modern American history has had as many closed door meetings and President Trump   . . . . .   and he is one of them. 

This is a meeting of the minds.  Dimon and Bezos, especially,  disagree with the temporary "ban" on immigration and they intend to debate this with the President.  Dodd/Frank will be a topic, also.  

Talk about a room full of A personalities!!  And in this fact we begin to understand why Barack never held such meetings.  He did not know what to do with "Type A."  

Me?  I am most interested in what comes out of this meeting.  Will he listen to them and vise versa?   I do believe President Trump is a listener  . . . . . . .  and that may be the chief difference between Obama and President Trump.  

Now you know.