The adults are back in Washington. And the Dems will never accept this fact.

Sarah Silverman calls for a military coup.

Tim Kaine called for resistance in the streets,  in the courts and in Congress  - - -   yet, he was the first to criticize Trump for leaving the door open for refusing Hillary's presidency.  

Dems are sworn to serve and protect,  but walked out of Congress because they couldn't get their way    . . . .   and they apparently think acting like spoiled children will win the coming 2018 elections. 

They wanted to recount the entire national vote.  

They tried to buy off electors casting their votes as the "electoral college."  

They cried,  in mass. 

And,  they live in a perpetual state of hysteria,  wanting to "make a difference" but wholly without a leader.  The Democrat Party is broken,  and after three months (since Nov 8) they still have no clue as to what to do   . . . . . . . .   except to start singing,  "This land is my land,  this land is our land."  

Sorry.  I have more to write but I am laughing too hard to finish.