Finally, a federal court says "OK" to Trumps Executive Order regarding the immigration delay.

Boston Globe:  In a swift decision, a federal judge refused Friday to extend a restraining order that had halted the implementation of President Trump’s controversial immigration ban in Massachusetts. 

US District Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton said in a 21-page order issued late Friday afternoon that he was sympathetic to the American Civil Liberties Union’s claims that immigrants could suffer irreparable harm from the ban, but he found that the government’s “likelihood of success on the merits weighs most heavily in the decision.”

“Because plaintiffs have not demonstrated that they are likely to succeed on the merits of any of their claims, an extension of the restraining order at the present time is not warranted,” the judge said. 

Notes:  You should know that more than 2 million immigrants have entered our country since this "ban."  You should know that the Muslim population named in the pause, affected [only] 8% of the Muslim/World population.  You should know,  if you gave a damn, that the order was temporary and for the purpose of process review.