Liberty in 1937 is undeniable proof that ocean tide rise has not occurred.

Statue of Liberty and Fort Wood Garrison Post

This postcard image of Liberty Island (formerly Bedloe's Island) and the Statue of Liberty ca. late 1930's, shows the buildings of the Fort Wood Garrison Post. The 11-pointed star fortification at the statue's base, completed in 1811, helped to defend New York Harbor from attack during the War of 1812. However, the U.S. Army maintained a presence on the island until after World War II, long after the last cannon were removed (around 1900). The garrison structures pictured, all demolished by 1950, are as follows.
 1 Barracks
2 Officers Quarters
3 Lieutenants Quarters
4 Captains Quarters
5 Hospital
6 Post Exchange (Store)
7 Radio Towers
8 Commanding Officer's Quarters
9 Non-Commissioned Officers Qrtrs
10 Warehouse
11 Power House