Brexist promises to be the end of the European Union. Trumnp is an ally where the meddling Obama was not.


The E.U. is a collection of 28 nations,  with Belgium as its capital and an economic/political borderless Europe as its goal.  It was founded in 1993.  Its debt  (standing at 87% of its Gross Domestic Product) and its inability to control the Muslim immigration into this "nation state,"  may very well be the two leading factors in spelling out its demise. 

The loss of the independent national sovereignty of each of its member states coupled with the fact that the citizens of Germany,  France, Spain,  England, Italy, Greece,  and etc.,  are governed by a political force that is outside their borders,  and unelected by the individual national constituencies, has become a serious wedge issue.  

Understand that the non-thinking types in the E.U movement,  including Barack Obama and the New Progressive American Party  (aka the Democratic* Party),  are looking to a One World union that extends and includes all nations.  This socialist goal mirrors the very worst of the communist movement, as well,  ultimately resulting in the loss of individual real property rights and virtually all of the civil liberties we,  as Americans,  hold as sacrosanct,  foundational issues existing outside the permission of the state.   In a word,  the ongoing battle is the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.

Sadly, our Left supports any "despot" that appears congenial and "kindly authoritarian."  The Right side of the aisle tends to avoid being suckers for smooth talk and deceptive wealth distributional practices.  

Trump's statement in our headline, above,  is a promise to help return wealth ownership to those whose work and effort created it.  Wealth is not like air,  and access to wealth is not as simple as inhaling and exhaling.   One must qualify one's self to receive it, and evil, self-serving people can order society in such a way as to prevent the sharing of wealth  (and I am not talking about wealth redistribution).  

One Europe,  One World theology (and this is the religion of the secular atheist) is all about the equal sharing of wealth as defined by a political force much larger than the people who allow for it's existence.  

Trump offers a peaceful resolution to fiduciary rape of the working class.