Why Cruz is "establishment.:"

This morning,  Ted Cruz told the folks he was off to Cleveland where "I hope the people prevail."  Well, Ted,  the people are voting for Trump in the millions.  What Cruz means to say,  " . . . .  where I hope the establishment's system of delegates wins over the will of the people."  

Cruz is no different,  in this,  from Kasich or Jeb Bush or Mitch McConnell  . . . .   and that,  ladies and gentlemen,  is why Cruz qualifies as the very definition of "establishment."  He is willing to deceive with his rhetoric and his Reaganish pretense.  

The RNC made it clear,  yesterday,  that the rules will be followed, "no matter what."  But "no matter what,"  this year,  includes that absolute fact that should the rules prevail over the actual will of the people,  the election will be lost even before it begins.  

To continue to quote the fact that "the rules have been the rules forever,"  means nothing to folks who are sick and tired of the Establishment's disregard for the will of the people.  

There is no dispute as to who gave the Establishment its political power  (2010 and 2014).   There is no dispute as to the fact that the promises made to this constituency have all been broken.  There is no defense for the fact that the Conservative Right was ignored as to chairmanships and leadership   . . . . . .    and there is no winning reality for the GOP if it watches while 10 to 15 million folks walk away from the GOP,  permanently.  But,  apparently,  the destruction of the party is not a concern of the Establishment.  I mean,  they can always blame conservatives,  for whatever value that is.