Retirees, you paid through the nose as small business owners. Now, you have a permanent nose bleed.

United Healthcare must quit ObamaCare and Medicare's Supplemental coverage.  Retirees,  you paid through the nose as small business owners and hard working tax payers.  Now,  you have a permanent nose bleed.  Thanks Obama for your genius and all you Marxist clowns for voting for this know-nothing, get rich quick, politician.   

[United Healthcare]  said that the cost of offering coverage was too high, as those who gained insurance through the exchange were less healthy and thus the company paid out more claims.
"So as we look at it, the early indications on the health status of the members appears to be a little bit worse," said UnitedHealthcare CFO Daniel Schumacher.
In total, the company expects to lose $650 million on people covered through the exchanges in 2016 after losing $475 million in 2015, according to Schumacher.
The company has also noted that younger people, who are healthier and on net pay into the system to help cover older, less healthy members are not signing up through the exchanges. This is hurting revenue and making it less attractive to the healthcare companies.
According to Hemsley, the company covers 795,000 people through the exchanges as of the end of the March 2016 and at the end if the year he expects to cover 650,000.


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