Quick notes as to "global warming"

Perhaps this might make me a "nutball," but as relates to global warming, I do not believe there is such an animal. Hear me out: "global warming" is a a mathematical process that averages all of the weather regions of the world. I argue that all "global" warming is regional. Some REGIONS of this world are, indeed, warming, perhaps at alarming rates. Look, if there are seven weather regions of the world, one shows cooling for the past 10 years, five are basically stable, and one increased its "warming" status by three degres, when you average the seven regions, you have "global warming," when, in fact, only one region is problematic.
Secondly, warming is what happens just before cooling (as in "ice age"). Our last ice age was 12,000 years ago (I think I was living in Compton, at the time). Earth's natural proclivity for warming and cooling has to be part of the issue, but no one wants to factor that reality into the equation.

Third, the charts I have seen, show a higher average (again, why do we average all the regions?) but an average that is fairly stable, at this time. Significance? Co2 levels have gone up, substantially, during this "stable" time. The association between C02 and warming is probably real, but I question "to what extent."

Fourth, virtually none of the dire predictions stemming from the warming crowd, have come true. Example: N.Y. City was to be under 20 feet of water by 2015. Besides, how come Hawaii and the Statue of Liberty island are not under water, by now . . . . . . not even close?

Anyway, I do know that what Central Planning under Obama is doing, is just making it more and more difficult for the working poor.