Can Trump reach 1237 before the convention? Answer: Yes. Here is how that can happen using conservative estimates on the delegate count:

Fox Business News gave us this information,  earlier in the morning. 

8 state primaries remain: 

Indiana  -  45 to Trimp
W Virginia - 24 to Trump
Oregon  -  12 to Trump with Cruz winning the state. 
Nebraska :  none for Trump, winner takes all for Trumnp
Washington - 18 to Trump
California  -  at least 109 to Trump out of 172.
New Jersey  -  51 to Trump
New Mexico  -  10 delegates to Trump 

He currently has at least 987  (maybe more depending on how some of the "free delegates" decide to vote).  

Adding the total for the seven states above,  the current prediction for Trump is 1256.  He needs 1237.