Less than a month after California passes its $31,500 minimum wage bill (that's 15 per hour, folks) jobs are already being lost.

Justin Holcomb / Townhall.com:
UC Berkeley Forced to Cut 500 Jobs After $15 Minimum Wage Hike  —  The $15 minimum wage hike in California has sent financially troubled UC Berkeley into decision making mode, and “the people who clean buildings, who work in food services or health clinics,” says Todd Stenhouse, will be the ones without a job.
Editor's notes:  the cost of winning elections is not just the $15.00 per hour Democrat promise,  but the price of all that additional welfare,  demnaded by the millions who will lose their jobs.  
Fact:  1975,  minimum wage was $2.76 per hour with 15.5 million folks earning that wage.  Today,  minimum wage is $7.25 and less than 6 million work for that wage.  And now,  the geniuses in government,  are proposing doubling that wage.