They want us to believe that we have killed 25,000 ISIS fighters (apparently) without killing any civilians and suffering only two American casualties. Anyone believe that ???

Coalition air strikes kill 25,000 jihadis: Islamic State army is cut by half as Allies plan assault on its stronghold 

Editor's notes:  So they have killed 25,000 of these guys  (pure BS,  btw) and they still number 30,000 ??  This the jest of the news story.  And what has your faithful editor been saying for the past several months?  That the ISIS army is somewhere around 60,000 strong.  I wrote that number without out any confirming story line  . . . .  just me keeping up with the number of reported recruits each month versus the number of supposed kills,  all added to the first reported estimates of 10,000 ISIS fighters in Syria and Northern Iraq.  

Turns out I was right.  

And now,  we are supposed to believe that we have killed 25,000 and have suffered two reported deaths.  Nonsense.  Until a month ago,  Obama disallowed the bombing of ISIS in its truck transfer of oil.  He continues to forbid the bombing of ISIS as it parades from one location to another and prohibits bombing ISIS forces where civilian populations exist.  So,  where were these ISIS fighters hiding   . . . . . .  off in a corner of the desert,  no longer using civilians as protection ??     Think about it,  his drone bombings in Afghanistan, responsible for the deaths of more than 60 - 100 ISIS/Taliban fighters,   admittedly killed between 2,500 and 6,000 civilians,  depending on your news source,  but no civilians have been killed in the bombing deaths of 25,000 ???  

Please.  Are we all as gullible as "they" think we are?